Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Family strife

Family stuff can be the hardest to deal with sometimes, I have a son who is grown up now and I never had much trouble with him behaviour wise (lucky me) in fact I often think he's more grown up than I am.
However my sister has twins a boy and a girl and while my niece is a lovely affable character who is as the saying goes 'away with the fairies' well my nephew is a different kettle of fish altogether. He is nearly 17 and quite frankly he is an idiot he gets himself into trouble on a regular basis staying out when he should be home, not going to college so they won't have him back next year even though his art work is the best in class they say, and all sorts of other stuff involving girls, smoking and the like.
Now I know his Mum and Dad are quite rightly well pissed off with him but even so I dont think they deal with him the right way and that my sister is particularly harsh with him. It's such a tricky one to criticise someone about their parenting even when it's family so I generally don't but also I don't want him to be treated unfairly such a bloody dilemma.