Sunday, 30 June 2013

Missing the show

The Arab is my partner Al's being ridden by Lydia and the welsh cob is mine being ridden by Al

 Well it was our local show (Silverbirch) today so we had a wander down to do some classes but when we got there we'd missed all the classes we wanted to do as some classes had been cancelled so they'd got through the rest really quickly. Anyway we had bacon buttys and a coffee from the food van and the horses grazed their way across the showground so the day wasn't a total loss, I took the pics on the walk back home.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

To Market to market x

I'm very lucky to have two award winning markets on my doorstep. The town where I live (Bolton) the market is a 10 min walk for me and then the next town (Bury) with a brilliant market is just a car ride away.
So this afternoon I had a walk to my local market, I put in my earphones and listened to my current audio book which is called  'Some kind of Fairy Tail' as I marched along happy to be out on a foraging mission.
 I had my supply of sturdy bags with me cause the ones they give you are crappy flimsy things that cut into your fingers and rip open at the slightest suggestion of a  sharp edge or corner.
There's something exciting about market shopping which is lost trudging round a supermarket. Maybe it because I was brought up on it, every Saturday as a child would be spent on Salford market with my sister, Mum and Gran and sometimes one of the Aunties as well and I would always ask for a piece of Lancashire cheese to eat on my way round cause I loved its sharp creamy taste that set your jaw on edge.
 Anyway it always feels like an adventure still or a treasure hunt as you never know what goodies you'll end up with. Today it was Chicken and toffees and Bananas and a plant for the garden and other assorted items. And the best bit was eating Violet Creams on the bus coming home BLISS xxxxxxxxxxx     

Friday, 28 June 2013

A grey rainy day

Another rainy afternoon though unfortunately not quite as pleasant as yesterday as instead of baking and flitting around I'm job searching and filling in application forms (just having a quick break).
I never got to take a pic of the cake as I took it to my friends with me last night but I can assure you it's damp and lemony loveliness was all that I'd desired.

Oh well back to the grindstone, I've put the fire on as I felt a little chilly and it's glow at least brings some cheer into this utilitarian day

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Glen Miller and a lemon cake

Can't beat a bit of baking on a rainy afternoon I'll post a pic of the cake later :)

A hack out

Had a lovely hack out with lovely friends today, the sun was out again and we had a good ride around the country park. Isn't it funny how soon we take things for granted we were mooching along with the sun shining and a chorus of different birds singing their songs and I thought how lucky I am to have such a beautiful horse I can't believe I own a horse really it's something I always wanted and now here I am how can I take that for granted. I'm going to have a couple of days off and leave him in the fields with his friends to just be horsey and I will spend time at home tootling around the house and garden with the dogs in tow and Al coming and going smoking far to many fags as usual.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Job hunting :(

This could be me Legoland Manchester are looking for staff

 Oh shit Krispy Kreme have jobs going in M/C I'll be about 20 stone cause no one loves a doughnut more than me x

 Changed my mind I don't want to work there if you get scarey kids like this coming in

Morning musing

Life is all in the mind x

The pack

                                                             Sid and Lily the silly Lurchers


 Piglet the Staff x

A bad wig and another hot lesson

OK so the cars gone to the scrapyard and I will now be traveling by bus so yesterday I went and bought a bus pass for the month, I couldn't believe just how expensive they are I thought the government wanted to encourage people to travel on public transport. Anyway today I started my new travel regime as I had an appointment with my dentist who is miles away as it's not possible to get a NHS dentist in my town but that's another story.
The buses are teaming with pensioners during the day and a smart couple sat in front of me and he was wearing the most horrible wig, for a start is was a sandy colour which was a bad start and his own grey hair was sticking out the bottom at the back. Oh his poor wife you think she would have told him as they were both dapper in every other way.

It was my weekly lesson tonight and like last week it was just to hot to be cantering round a school and what not and my teacher Jane is a slave driver. I don't know who was most pissed off me or Tetley although I think it was probably him when she had us doing leg yielding which is not his favorite thing I bet he was having a good moan to the lads when he went back out in the field :)

Monday, 24 June 2013

Sunday, 23 June 2013


Chestnut horse

Well the cars had to be scrapped and I can't afford to buy another so for the first time in 17 yrs I will be car -less. I'm not gonna stress about it but will have to adapt to not just nipping here and there as I want and who knows I may even have to take the bus :)

My nephew Richard is stopping tonight he came to the stables with me an wanted to ride Tetley so we had a walk round the country park in the sun, then he gave him a brush which Tets loves he brushed his forelock to the side and he says it makes him look like Hitler poor Tets :)

The Hitler hairdo x
Ricardo and Tets

Having a breakdown

Chestnut horse
Bloody bloody car
Thank god for the AA


Tuesdays schooling

Chestnut horse
God that was a hard lesson tonight both me and Tetley were just to hot it was so muggy I had all the energy sucked out of me :(Snapshot 2 (19-06-2013 00-45)
Snapshot 3 (19-06-2013 00-47) (2)

This is me and my horsey life

Chestnut horse
Well my first blog so here goes
Just to introduce myself I’m female live in the UK and am horse mad I have a chestnut Welsh Section D called Tetley who I love more than life itself cause that’s the way it is with horses they take over your life and mind, I’m not sure why they just seem to have a special something. I have 3 dogs (2 Lurchers and a staff) and I love them to but my boy is buried in my heart. My partner has a horse as well Leo is an Arab fool who still thinks he’s a 2 year old so our lives are spent mostly at the stables and this blog is just a diary of my daily life it’s not an extraordinary life or anything but I always find other people’s lives fascinating so I thought I’d document mine.
I came to horses late (extremely) I’m 50 now and got into horses 2 years ago when I finished work to look after my Mum who has Dementia I started loaning and riding a friends horse and after 12 months bought my own and also met my partner Al at the stables so have inherited his as well as part of the family. Mum’s gone into a home recently so I’m job hunting at the moment but don’t know how I’m gonna cope with working again after so long but I supposed I’ll get used to it soon enough I’ve got no choice really, I just want to earn enough money to be OK but still have time to have a life cause before I was working to many hours in a high stress job and that’s my worst scenario to end up back there.
Here’s a list of my favourite cultural stuff so you can get an idea of who I am well that’s if anyone actually reads this:
Music – Boards of Canada, Alt J, James Blake
Film – Fargo, Oh Brother where art thou, African Queen
Books – Moonheart, The Road, Chronicles of Thomas Covenant