Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I'm going to be so Lush darlings x

Went for an interview yesterday not the usual type of one on one discussion, it was a group interview which was much more fun. 

First of all we all sat on the floor in the stock room and we'd been told to bring something which would represent our personality. It was interesting seeing what people had brought there were globes, makeup brushes, gig tickets and much more, I took a picture of Tetley, of course what else :), and used it to describe how I love to learn new things and how I have met a whole new set of people since joining the horsey world.

 We were then split into groups and each group given a product and some paper to write down ideas about it. We then  had to do a demo of the product which in our case was a Hottie massage bar  

It was certainly a different format to interviews I had done before but made sense for the job type and was fun. 

Oh yes and each candidate received a bubble wand to take home which was good. I used mine tonight and had a nice soak whilst listening to Bon Iver. 

Anyway I received a call earlier and got through the interview so I go for a shop floor trial a week on Saturday. Wish me luck xx

Monday, 12 August 2013

Bryn the beautiful

This is Bryn a colt on my yard 
He's a Welsh Section D and absolutely gorgeous 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Sack of Spuds Position

Oh no flat hands!

I'm constantly reminding myself to sit up and engage my core with shoulders back and facing forward, rather than what I tend to do which is to look down.

When I achieve this position my horse moves forward into an energetic walk and when I don't he slows down and I know I'm blocking his forward motion by restricting free movement of his back.

Pilates is a really good discipline to practice to learn about core strength and I read a description of the Alexander Technique's idea of head forward and up which I think is really relevant for riding.


But breaking bad habits is just so hard I can have a really good position when I'm actively thinking about it but as soon as my mind wanders, which is pretty soon when your a daydreamer like me, I collapse through my middle compressing everything down, which is not good for me and not good for Tetley as all my weight drops down through my body instead of my heels.

The good thing about riding though is it gets you to think about your posture and become more body aware, if your not already, and that is as they say 'all gravy' :)

A grand day out x

Oh what a lovely day the sun was hot and no work was getting done today.

We all piled into the car 3 adults, 2 kids and the dogs, its a good job I have an extremely large car, and off we popped.

We had a lovely walk or in the case of the dogs charge around and I couldn't believe how much the vegetation had grown in the couple of months since I had last been to this spot, in parts I felt like I should be hacking my way through with a machete and keeping a look out for any prowling big cats or elephants. 

Shock Horror - Sid in the water!!

We went down to the river to let the dogs have a drink and a cool off and I was shocked to see Sid (the black one) paddling about, as usually he hates the water, honestly he wont even step in a puddle he skirts around the side so as not to wet his feet. Lily and Piglet were making the most of it wading for stick the boys threw for them and Lil did her usual trick of putting her head under water to get the stones.

After walking up through the grave yard, where Lewis had me reading out the names on every stone we went past, we had a short break for drinks and ice cream at the local cafe which has been there for years and is for reasons unknown (to me) called Cafe Vienna. I felt like I was on my hols. with the Coca Cola umbrellas and chalked out menu boards and I was only a couple of miles from home.

Cafe Vienna

Then into Haslam park for a while so the boys could have a go on the children's play area and then home where the dogs flopped down on their beds and didn't move again for hours.