Friday, 27 June 2014

Oh to be in that saddle again

Well its been nearly three months since Tetley got a tendon injury and after weeks of box rest and then a couple of weeks of being turned out today we had our first hack out.
I've missed riding him and I know I'm lucky having two horses to ride but riding Leo (being an Arab) well you have to RIDE. Even mounting is so different with Leo being 14.3 and Tetley 15.3 I just love that big push up into the saddle and then his nice wide back and the lovely creak of his leather saddle getting on.
We only did 20 minutes at walk but he was completely sound tracking up properly and it's good to know we're on the home straight now with this injury. He's back out now with his friends and I'll leave it a couple of days before going out again and only walking at the moment and definitely no schooling for a while. HAPPY DAY